”Beyond the design, the value and quality of the final product is based above all on the expertise of the craftsmen who realized it.” 




At Interversion, our mission, since 1998, has been to promote Quebec design and make it accessible.

Our unique shop acts as a veritable showcase for local talent and independent creators. Their exceptional pieces are a testament to the unparalleled quality of these innovative craftsmen.

As a producer, we develop our own products lines showcasing various talented Quebec artists. From design, to manufacturing in our Drummondville workshop, to marketing the finished product in our Montreal shop.

The furniture we produce is characterized by exemplary mastery of traditional and contemporary woodworking techniques. We only use local materials and wood and only apply natural products without VOCs. We are committed to the manufacture of quality, authentic, original, and durable products through the application of our extended expertise and responsible manufacturing methods.  




Custom-made furniture

Interversion has an in-house team of designers and craftsmen who will assist you throughout the creation and manufacturing process according to your needs and budget.  By leveraging our expertise, we offer several options and opportunities to satisfy the increasing demands of our customers, whether you are a company, designer, decorator, architect, or just a passionate customer.

 Whether you need a durable custom-made piece for your home or office,  Interversion can help you turn it into reality by introducing you to local craftsmen. After the initial needs and budget analysis, our team will provide you with a host of personalized solutions. We’ll assist you in many ways including taking the measurements, drafting preliminary plans, sketching 3D drawings, and material selection. You can even bring your own designers or resources and we’ll gladly collaborate with them to make your project a success.




Commercial projects

Our expertise is also available for commercial projects.  Whether for a hotel, a restaurant, a clinic or any other setting, our team of designers and specialized craftsmen are eager to hear your ideas.